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"Orhea", a new group from a farm and a city. Their sound combines soul and RnB with a subtle psychedelia that we like to zone out on. We invite you to sing and rap along while you listen to the songs.
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An eclectic album is being released on Timetone Records this holiday season. "Mixed Greens" by the collaboration named GC to the GC. The first single "Satsong" was released on December 14th 2009, and the rest of the album will be available for free on the timetone productions site. Stay tuned for details and decals.
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Three Dub Mice makes a fun polyrhythmic gumbo of guitar, bass, drums, synths and samples. They harness the energy of a primitive source, process it with theoretical development, and output beauty and bangers through giant sound systems.
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2 percussionists,a female vocalist and as many live instruments and electronic sounds as needed.
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Quirky melodies and deep synthesizer textures backed by a uniquely tight drum and bass rhythm section. Three friends and band mates of six years have formed the power trio called lowercase p.
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Hip-hop, Neo-soul. One sings like an angel one strings rhythmic angles. A soul singer and a rapper are putting together arguably the most fun, abstract-honest, romantic album of all time.
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Timetone Productions represents a process. Engineering musical packages while embracing beautiful accidents. Practiced processes turned into unconscious competence.

Music can take on many forms. A lullaby that sooths you to sleep, a banger that you put on repeat, an eye opening catalyst for change, or an abstract ambient track that leaves you questioning. Having always been moved by music I decided long ago to devote my life to the study and practice of writing, recording and producing it.

The bands and music featured on this site satisfy a particular standard. The most important elements being the essence of the song, and the production being thought of very carefully as a tool to enhance this essence.
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